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Updated: May 27, 2019

SABIA (Start A Business In Africa), is a service dedicated to providing information and guidance to those interested in starting a business in Africa. Born from the passion and love for the African continent, we are not only dedicated to enlightening individuals on the continent and abroad, on the riches, resources and means available to take advantage of these resources, but also showing that investing in Africa is possible, as well as emotionally and financially rewarding. We are eager to change the narrative and single story that has been and continues to be told about our continent.

SABIA is made up of “Afripreneurs” from different African background, residing on the continent and abroad. Our aim and vision is to encourage, enlighten, educate and inform people on the opportunities, available in each nation, the resources and ways to go about making use of these resources, not only to impact this very deserving and worthy continent, but also for financial rewards.

We are here to help the African people, discover or rediscover the potential and possibilities offered by the continent. We are committed to helping anyone willing to start a business in Africa, regardless of the size of the business, the capital or the country of interest. Beyond an initial help provided to decide what country or business to invest in, we accompany these men and women in their ventures, no matter how big or small they perceive their idea to be, should they require any form of assistance.

Alongside this, we have endeavoured to write a series of guides on How to start businesses in several countries of Africa. The aim is to have a guide for each country, having so far accomplished South Africa, Cameroon and Nigeria. We are currently working on 3 more nations, as well as the French translations.

In the same vain, we have created a YouTube channel and this blog, in order to address some of the challenges most people face when going into business in Africa. We bring updates on business procedures, as well as current information and solutions to questions and issues commonly encountered when doing business in our Nations, such as: Corruption, instability, insecurity, scams, capital etc.

The African continent is buzzing. However, as the richest continent (Human resources, minerals, culture, traditions etc), Africa is in need of investors, entrepreneurs, creators and innovators. So much to do and so much that could be done. Not just to develop our countries, but also to better our own lives and that of our loved ones.

So if you’re tired of your 9 to 5 job, tired of the rat race, tired of working to pay your bills with one or two holidays a year, desiring to do something more exciting, rewarding or simply more financial freedom, why not start a business in Africa, put a bet on Africa. Even if you perceive your life to be satisfying, this could be an avenue to help other. There is always something more that be done.

Africa is ready and open for business. And I am not just saying that as a cliché, but from experience. Not only mine, but also that of several entrepreneurs and business people I have had the pleasure of meeting. And I am not talking about the usual names from top 50 rankings etc, but from everyday people, from my research and what has now become my expertise. Most governments, the people and resources are ready, regardless of the size of the investment or the country. Any idea has the potential to succeed, provided we are well informed and prepared.

With the help of our guides on How to start a business in different countries of the African continent, our YouTube channel and blog, you should be able to feel more confident to, at least, start planning and should you need more help or guidance, hey! We’re here for you. Just drop us a message and we will be more than happy to oblige.

The guides are easy reads, straight to the point, with the relevant and accurate information. They cover a step by step how to register your business: Documents, time frame, cost, relevant ministries, regulatory bodies etc, Putting in place a Start-up or a franchise, Prominent sectors for investment, Tips and advice etc.

Talking of information and preparation, the reason most people, are reluctant, cautious or scared to take the leap is ignorance and in a few cases bad experience. There simply wasn’t enough information out there, specific, accurate and helpful. Which is the reason for SABIA.

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