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It is true that some people might come across this, having made the leap in the past, but maybe were confronted to some of the issues aligned with doing business in Africa. Therefore, they did not have the best of experience. On thing I will start by saying is that, every market has its own challenges and doing business in any continent or country of the world has its challenges. Africa is no different. And so for Africa, you have to be well informed, well prepared and well surrounded.

We’ve all heard the big names such as Dangote, when we hear about African entrepreneurs and so for most of us, doing business in Africa still seems like a myth. And yes, the multinationals, foreign governments and big names seem to be making the rain and shine of Africa at the moment, but there is a rapidly growing numbers of people on the continent and abroad, starting businesses and having tremendous success.

So why Africa and not anywhere else in the world, simply because Africa is the place to be. There is absolutely every resource imaginable and everything still to be done! Most African countries are likened to rich lands where the riches have not yet been discovered or at least exploited. The markets are not saturated and any idea has the potential to produce the results desired, you just need to know and understand your market.

European nations have been there for centuries and now Asia is practically doing the rain and sunshine of our nations. So what is it they are seeing? We need to look closely and get in there fast as well. We recently witnessed Teresa May, the prince of wales, Macron, Angela Merkle, all make their way to African countries, That’s without mentioning celebrities.

So for me, it was about being part of this movement that is fast growing. I wanted to be counted amongst the people who made a difference on the continent, no matter how big or small the contribution. I am desperate to change the narrative and single story that has been and continues to be told about our continent. So those are my personal reasons.

Bring in more jobs, development and innovation. Encourage each and every one to participate at whatever level, show to every African and African descend, that it is possible and very rewarding, provided you are well prepared. And business or Entrepreneurship for me, is one of the best ways to make a huge difference.

More than ever before, the continent is open for business. Africa is buzzing at the moment and there is everything imaginable still to do in most countries. The possibilities are endless.

There are several reasons why a person interested in starting a business should do so in Africa.

- If you’re a lover of Africa, you would like to be involved with whatever in going on there at the moment, you would like to participate in this revolution, make a difference in your community or would like to participate in the development of our nations, what better way to do so, than by starting a business in Africa.

- If you would like to change the state of your finances in a big way, a drastic change, business in Africa could also be for you.

- I you’re tired of your 9 to 5 job, the rat race of the system, and would like something more challenging, exciting and rewarding, then this could also be for you.

- Now finally, if you’ve always had an idea but not quite sure how or where to implement it, then why not try Africa. And I could go on and on.

So yes, Africa because there is a pack load to do, because no matter your idea, field of expertise, capital or connection to the continent, there will be a market of you.

Africa because this is the richest, most folkloric, colourful, diverse, challenging, but fun continent. So you are bound to find your market, regardless of your product or idea.

Africa because the opportunities are endless, great human resources, for most countries the living conditions and circumstances are fantastic.

Africa because you will be making a difference in the lives of many, even as you are being financially rewarded.

Africa because with the new developments in the African Union, most borders are open to each other and circulation of products and services is made easier. Also, more and more governments are making efforts for the ease of doing business. Countries such as Rwanda, Ghana and many more have opened their borders to African descents and foreigners, making things so much easier.

Africa because most of our governments are not able to provide jobs for everyone and because we cannot let ourselves die or complain, remain in bitterness, for issues we might not be able to change immediately, entrepreneurship and business is the best way to provide for our families whilst making a difference and encourage others to do the same.

So here you have it, you will:

- Participate to the development of Africa, by create an activity that will not only help the continent, but also provide jobs to people thereby restoring their dignity.

- Opportunities are endless: There is so much to do and so much that can be done. There is still so much space for anyone that wishes to come in. All you need it to be well informed, prepared, and with a service or product of quality.

- No matter your business idea, product or service, there is a market for it.

- There is huge demand for most services and products, as we observe a growing middle class in most countries. So you can import or export.

- Foreign nation have been taking advantage of what we seemed not to see for quite some time, so why not be

- Investing in Africa can require less capital than if one was to do business elsewhere in the world. The risks might be higher, but that’s only due to lack of accurate, relevant and up to date information. You can start by investing a small amount, just testing the market at first.

- The African people are very curious and welcoming. We love new products and services, innovations.

- There is still very little to no competition, in most sectors not that it matters, because competition only motivates you more and makes you get better, have the better service.

So be prepared, be informed and come with a product or service of quality.

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