Hello! I'm Jenny, founder of SABIA, which stands for "Start A Business In Africa" and Africa is my passion. Sharing my time between the UK and South Africa, I help individuals and institutions establish businesses on the African continent.

The dream is to be part of this fast growing movement, be counted amongst the people who made a difference on the continent, no matter how big or small the contribution. I am desperate or rather eager, to change the narrative and single story that has been and continues to be told about our continent.

The journey started in 2012, when I returned to Cameroon after a few years dreaming and making plans for potential businesses. In effect, I realised that not much was known about Cameroon abroad, ie: it’s people, resources, riches, touristic potential, investment opportunities etc.

Whilst there, I made a full tour of the country within a period of 3 months and also visited a few other African countries. Not only was I astonished at how beautiful and rich our nations are, I couldn’t help but see business opportunities everywhere I turned. I witnessed several people either based in these nations or from the diaspora, set up businesses which turned out greatly successful!

I was convinced: Africa was simply the way forward for investments. It became a mission for me to enlighten Africans and the world on the riches, resources and means available to take advantage of these resources, whilst showing that investing in Africa is possible and rewarding.

Although Africa is the richest continent, it is in need of more investments and development. Africa is ready and open for business. Most governments, the people and resources are ready. No matter the size of the investment or the country, any idea has the potential for success, provided you are well informed and prepared.

                        THE BOOKS


We realised the reason most people abroad and even on the continent, are reluctant or hesitant to take the step and invest, is ignorance or fear of the unknown, and in a few cases bad experience. Either way, this was due to a lack of specific, accurate, up to date and helpful information.

Therefor, having made enough contacts and connections on the continent, we started the research work and data collection. We knew it had to be a book for each country, as our nations are quite different one from another. 

Each guide gives general and economy related information on the country, followed by information on thriving sectors for investment, how to set up a start-up or a franchises. As well as a detailed chapter on how to get a business registered: ministries to contact, documents required, how much these cost, how long each step takes, tips and advice and much more.

The first 3 books in our collection, are Cameroon, South Africa and Nigeria, with the aim of covering the whole continent. We are currently working on the translation of each book into french, as well as online courses.



SABIA (Start A Business In Africa), is a service dedicated to providing information and guidance to anyone interested in starting a business in Africa. Born from our passion and love for the African continent, we are not only dedicated to enlightening people, on the continent and abroad, on the riches, resources and means available to take advantage of these resources, but also demonstrating that investing in Africa is possible, as well as emotionally and financially rewarding. We are eager to change the narrative and single story that has been and continues to be told about our continent.


SABIA is made up of “Afripreneurs” from different African backgrounds, residing on the continent and abroad. Our aim and vision is to encourage, enlighten, educate and inform individuals around the world, on the opportunities, available in each nation, the resources and ways to go about making use of these resources, not only to cause an impact, but also gain great financial rewards.


We are here to help the African people, discover or rediscover the potential and possibilities offered by the continent. We are committed to helping anyone willing to start a business in Africa, regardless of the size of the business, the capital or the country of interest. Beyond an initial help provided to decide what country or business to invest in, we accompany these men and women in their ventures, no matter how big or small they perceive their idea to be.



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CAMEROON: +237690221512

UNITED KINGDOM: +447802616331

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